Leadership Level System

Our books are written for a student audience where the applied visual arts form part of a course of specialized further education study. As this is a wide audience, with varied levels of knowledge, skill and aptitude, all of our titles fall into one of five readership categories.


  • Foundation
    AVA’s Visual Dictionaries form our foundation reading list. These titles offer clear, comprehensive and visually informative definitions of the key terms in a discipline’s vocabulary.
  • Introductory
    The discipline-specific titles in our Fundamentals range are aimed at students embarking on further education and offer a thorough grounding in the subject.
  • Intermediate
    Our Basics books provide readers with an in-depth exploration of each of the topics introduced in the Fundamentals titles. These books offer both a theoretical and practical approach, supported by examples and exercises.
  • Required Reading Range: Course Reader
    These reference titles are specifically structured to support the lifetime of an undergraduate degree and provide a detailed exploration of the discipline covered.
  • Required Reading Range: Module Reader
    These titles are designed to support specialised modules of degree courses and provide a platform for further exploration of the subject matter.

Creative Careers
These titles are designed to help emerging practitioners bridge the gap between academia and their first job in the creative industries.