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AVA on Visual Research Review and Discussion

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Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design is a guide to the practice of researching for graphic design projects. The book explains the key terms and theories that underlie design research, examining the importance of audience, communication theory, semiotics and semantics. The book features a range of case studies which demonstrate how the […]

Kitchen and Bathroom Modifications


Everybody wants a nice and spacious kitchen. In fact, this could be the selling point of your property. The kitchen is one of the most functional areas in your house. It only makes sense to make a few upgrades for your own comfort and convenience. One of the things most homeowners forget when renovating their […]

Property Investment Tips from our Team


So, you’ve been thinking about investing in property? After doing your research—reading books, magazines, and reports—for sure, you have seen the bright opportunities in real estate. Yet, when push comes to shove, you start thinking twice. It’s not surprising to see people get overwhelmed by the process and quite before they even begin. Most of […]

AVA Discusses the Principles of Interior Design


In this article, you will learn and understand more the basics of interior design. We will discuss some of the principles used or followed by experienced interior designers when working on certain projects. This includes their solution for their clients to save some money, or even how to start a new career. Before anything else, […]

Feature Story: New Do-It-Yourself Feature Enhances NYC Dance Places Website

Experience the live version of the saloon that starred in its own movie, featuring lady bartenders showcasing their artistic pouring techniques.

New York, N.Y.) – NYC Dance Places this week announced the debut of its new Do-It-Yourself website feature. The new DIY Space Information System enables  to have the most accurate, up-to-date information on New York City dance rehearsal and performance spaces available anywhere. Now rehearsal and performance facilities included on the NYC Dance Places website can […]

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Business Partners-Thank You for Investing in Our Future

“We are also seeking ways to address issues that the cultural community has identified as areas of particular concern. For instance, finding and keeping affordable space is of critical importance to our constituency.” “Also related to the issue of space are other initiatives being supported by DCA that will enable music and dance organizations to […]

3 Secret Ways to Save Money on Mandatory Insurance Every Month


For homeowners, dealing with home insurance monthly bills can be a little stressful, as it always seems to increase. There are several ways though to stop burning holes into your pockets. With some planning and efforts, you can save money on mandatory insurance every month. In this post, our experts will share some tips on […]

Helping Hand: Overcoming Addiction


Struggling with drug addiction can really put you down. Oftentimes, you would think sobriety is just an illusion. You’re definitely wrong! With the right treatment and support, recovery is never out of reach. Never give up! Let others help you, as you want to help yourself. It could be a bumpy ride, but it’s the […]